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Dog Walking

Happiness is a walk with a friend!

A walk with your dog is dedicated time for them to visit with a human, stretch out a little, and smell the signposts along the way.

We walk where you want us to. Whether that's around your local block, on a trail, or at the dog park. Sometimes it's just a play date in the back yard.

Your pup learns polite dog manners and we have some fun together while we're out. 

Our walks are booked based on time required, as long as you're in our service area.

Do you have more than one dog in your household? We bill based on time, not numbers.

$22 + HST   30 mins

$30 + HST   45 mins

$35 + HST   60 mins

$20 + HST for regular weekday clients (4 days or more per week).

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