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How We Work

We provide compassionate care for your family pets when you can't be there for them. From the day to day to the extraordinary circumstances we're here to help.


We typically set up a meeting before we ever begin to visit your pets. It's important for the dogs to know that we're friendly. It's also important for you, and for me to make sure we're a good fit for your needs. With Covid we generally meet outdoors, although we can go with you inside if you need to show us where certain things are. We just ask that everyone wear a mask.

Much of the information gathering can happen over the phone and through our booking portal but the dog meeting is important for everyone's peace of mind.

Cats are typically less likely to need to meet us but if you feel that we need to be shown any hiding spots, or medications I'll happily go to meet the kitty too!

Once you're ready to book with us, I'll set you up with a client profile on our booking site and you can fill in all of the information we need to look after your pet.

Reach out by using the Get In Touch button below, or by calling at 613-864-5836.


Kemptville, Ontario, Canada


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