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Overnight Stays

Peace of mind

Escaping for the weekend or the week?

We keep the pets at home in their own environment. No exposure to stress, illness, or unwanted behaviours.

This service is amazing for all pets, but especially for those sensitive souls that don't tolerate change well, young and old pets that are better at home, and multi pet households.

We come to your home at dinner time and stay with your pets until after breakfast. 

They get their usual routine and some individual people time each day. Your home looks lived in, your mail gets collected, and your garbage is at the curb. All is secure.

If your pets need a break during the day, we add them into our rotation of visits. Or you can book them in for a pack run for a longer and more intensive time out.

Overnight service $75 + HST

Overnight service + visit $85 + HST

Overnight Service + pack run $90 + HST

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