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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid

Have you ever wondered...

  • How to prevent many long term health issues your pet may experience?

  • What steps to take in handling a pet emergency?

  • What to keep on hand for your pet?

  • How to breathe for your pet?

  • What types of poisons your pet may encounter?

  • What the symptoms of common cat and dog diseases are?

  • How to muzzle a pet in an emergency.

The Walks 'N' Wags pet first aid course covers these topics, and many, many more!

Walks 'N' Wags runs the longest standing pet first aid course in Canada. Unlike most courses, both cat and dog information is included.

This three year certification course is 10 hours geared for fun and knowledge.

Get hands on experience with our dogs, or your own, as we go through bandaging common wounds, taking vital signs, and splinting a (not broken) leg.

You go home with a comprehensive course manual, a quick guide to keep in your home first aid kit, and a 3 year certificate for those that pass the certification exam.

Don't wait until you're in a situation where you need to know....

Course and materials $155 + HST

New The course is now available through Zoom!

Upcoming Dates:

Spring 2021 Coming soon!

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